PWI: Cube Of Fate

This is an incomplete guide based on CrimsonLily's journey into the Cube of Fate.


Cube of Fate is one of the many standalone events in PWI. The Cube composes of 50 rooms and each room has a unique challenge. The difficulty level of each challenge ranges from easy to extremely hard. This event is similar to any board games. The "Cube" refers to the dice (or die since there is only one). The system will automatically roll the die after completing each challenge to determine the "Fate" or the room where the player will be sent next. Failing the challenge will punish players by transporting them back to room #1. Players can restart or exit the Cube of Fate. No experience is lost during the time spent in Cube of Fate.


To enter the Cube of Fate, talk to the Adventure Assistant or Khatru Pup (the huge wolf) located in every major city (City of Lost, Etherblade, City of the Plume, Archosaur, Thousand Streams, or Dreamweaver).

To exit the Cube of Fate, talk to the Exit Watcher located in room #1 near the door on the West side.


  • Player must be at least level 40 to enter the Cube of Fate
  • 1 Daily Badge = can be obtained by talking to the Adventure Assistant or Khatru Pup (only 1 per day)
  • Dice Tickets = each room requires ticket(s) to continue playing

Additional Items to Carry

  • Mirage Stones = can be traded for Dice Tickets. Should carry enough just in case you run out of dice tickets.
  • Coins = some room requires payment of 100k-200k to continue playing.
  • 1 Robber Card = room# 18 requires 1 card to get a die. Cannot be taken outside of Cube of Fate.
  • 1 Bully Card = room# 46 requires 1 card to get a die. Cannot be taken outside of Cube of Fate.
  • Do-All Cards = room# 14 and 34 require certain number of do-all cards to get a die. Can be taken outside of Cube of Fate.

Cube of Fate Rewards

  • 300K+ experience, 70K+ spirit = based on player's level upon reaching room #50.
  • Mystery Chips = can be traded for legendary mold and TT mats @ the Mystery Merchant in Thousand Streams.
  • Sadness Card = can be sold to NPC for 1 coin.
  • Ecstacy Card = can be sold to NPC for 1,000,000 coins.
  • Mirage Stones = random gift from a box you paid for 200k.
  • Dice Tickets = from room #19 and/or random gift from a box you paid for 200k.
  • Do-All Cards = random gift from a box you paid for 200k.

General Instructions

  1. Upon entering a room, talk to the NPC (usually the TeleportMaster or TM) to obtain the room's challenge.
    • If the NPC or TM is nowhere to be seen inside the room, kill the mob first (i.e. room# 6).
    • Dice Ticket is required before the NPC could issue the challenge.
  2. After completing the challenge, the die will be rolled automatically.
    • Some room gives a life or death mark instead of a die. They work similarly to a die except the life mark moves forward and death mark moves backward.
  3. Open your inventory and right-click on the die or mark to move to the next room.

The Challenges

Room #1. Fate's Beginning

This is the lobby of the Cube of Fate.

  1. Talk to the TM located in the middle of the room.
  2. Select option #2: Cube of Fate to start. You may need to talk to him 3x or until he gives you a die.

Room #2. Chest of Mystery

The TM will challenge you to open 5 chests to get 5 nectars.

Room #3. Slaughter House

The TM's challenge is to slaughter 5 mobs.

Room #4. Mice Bashing

The challenge is to kill 10 mobs.

  • Note to Venomancers: This room is the best place to level your land pets.

Room #5. Count the Apples

For some reason, others have a hard time with this challenge so I will share what I normally do to successfully complete this challenge.

  1. Talk to the NPC. Keep talking to him until he tells you what color you need to count.
  2. After learning the color of orbs (or apples) to count, click the back option or close the window. As long as you dont accept the challenge, the timer will not appear.
  3. Run towards one of the corners of the room. Adjust your screen so you could see the floating orbs. Make sure you could see all the floating orbs.
  4. Count ONLY the color for your challenge. Count it 3x to make sure you got the right number.
  5. Talk to the NPC again. Accept and complete the challenge.

Room #6. Open Sesame

The NPC in this room is hiding.

  1. Kill "Axis of Fate" first. Axis has a lot of HP but not difficult to kill. Just make sure you have plenty of HP and MP remedy powders or charms.
  2. The NPC will appear soon after Axis is killed. Talk to him immediately to finish the challenge and get the die. If you dont, he will disappear once more and Axis of Fate will resurrect.

Room #7. Have a Listen

The TM is located on the other side of the room. To get to him:

  1. Talk to the NPC to issue the challenge. The challenge is to get pass the mobs blocking your way to the TM.
  2. Turn off the game's background music.
  3. Turn up your speaker's volume until you could hear your player's footsteps.
  4. Approach a mob slowly (try 'walk'), if the mob makes a noise, quickly walk away from the mob and approach the next mob. If not, continue walking pass him.
  5. Repeat until you're on the other side of the wall, then approach the TM to get the die.

Room #8. Try Your Luck

The NPC will require 100k before issuing the challenge. After completing the challenge, which is to open 10 chests, you will be given a gold box along with the die. The gold box contains a sadness or ecstacy card. See Cube of Fate Rewards for more info on the cards.

Room #9. 100 Seconds Stand

The challenge is to stay alive for 100 seconds. Unless you're a barb with huge HP, its recommended to have HP charms and HP remedy powders. Might be a good idea to have powders that reduces damage taken.

  1. After accepting the challenge, you will be teleported into another room full of aggressive mobs. Do not attempt to kill them, they are immune to damage.
  2. Run around the place to avoid the mobs chasing you.
  3. If you're still alive after 100 seconds, you will be teleported back to room #9 with a die in your inventory.

Room #10. Bomb's Away

The challenge is to diffuse the bomb before it detonates in 10 minutes. Only certain NPCs, such as the TM in room 17, could diffuse the bomb. Always check the NPC for option to diffuse the bomb after leaving room #10. Other NPCs, not only the NPC in room 17, could diffuse it.

Room #11. Bored…

After accepting the challenge, you have 3 minues to stay alive before you are release from jail. In this jail (room #11) is a free-for-all PK room. It matters not if you're on PK mode, anyone can be targeted by other players. The only way you will fail this challenge is if you're killed by other players.

Room #12. Choices of Fate

After talking to the NPC, you will be given a life or death mark instead of a die.

Room #13. Squad of Six

Just like the name of the room implies, the challenge is to be part of a squad of six. There is a catch however, all six members of the squad must be in room #13. The bypass this challenge, pay 3 dice tickets to get a die.

Room #14. I Don't Wanna Leave

The TM is hiding. There are two options to get to the TM:

  • Option #1 is to give 4 Do All cards to the Do-All Merchant.
  • Option #2 is to kill another player inside the room. If there is no other player inside the room with you, wait until someone appears. Immediately attack the other player upon teleporting in. By instinct, the other player will attempt to run away from the attacker for a better view. However, by running away, the monsters will start attacking the other player. Make sure to keep behind the Do-All Merchant.

If the above options are not available to you, use Town Portal (TP) to return to room #1.

Room #15. Mystical Messenger

This is a bonus room. The NPC will give you a bonus challenge to kill the Rhinos. Each rhino killed will reward you with 1 Mysterious Chip. There are 5 Rhinos to be had in this room. Also, the bonus round is only available once every 24 hours (24-hour duration is 12:00am - 11:59pm PST or -8 GMT).

If the bonus challenge is no longer available, simply speak with the NPC to get a die.

Room #16. Demonic Bout

The NPC will give you 2 options:

  • Option #1. Kill the monster to get a die
  • Option #2. Give the NPC 3 dice tickets to get a die

Smartest and fastest move is to pick option #2.

Room #17. Ecstacy or Sadness

To initiate the challenge, the NPC requires a payment of 100k. After paying the fee, open the required number of chests. In addition to a die, you will be rewarded with a gold chest. The chest may contain an ecstacy or sadness card. See Rewards for more info on the cards.

Room #18. Not Enough Yet

Upon entering the room, you will be given 9 Robber cards. However, to get a die from the NPC, you need to give him 10 Robber cards.

Room #19. Happy Hold-Up

The TM will reward you with 5 dice tickets and a die by simply initiating a conversation with him.

Room #20. Life Divergence

Instead of a die, the NPC will give you a life or death mark.

Room #21. Beast Hunter

The challenge is to kill 2 'specific' mobs within 2 minutes.

Room #22. Mystical Messenger

See Room #15 for description.

Room #23. Real or Fake

After accepting the challenge from the TM, you will be teleported into another room. Speak with the NPC to start the challenge. Kill one of the monsters to get teleported back to room #23 with a die.

Room #24. Consequence

The Lucky Messenger will challenge you to open an “x” amount of tricky boxes. After opening the boxes, talk to the TM for a die. You will also be given a choice to set the challenge for the next person entering room#24. The choices are 5, 20, and 100. If you were asked to open 100 boxes, that means the player before you have chosen 100.

Room #25. Dragon Gate

Get the quest from the dead body and head to the other end of the room. Avoid the exploding hands. Very easy task if you have patience.

Room #26. Death Judge

The challenge is to open 5 chestswhile avoiding the guardian. The guard is immune to damage so it’s no use trying to kill him first. The mob moves very slowly so attempt to lure him away from the chest. When the mob is far enough, quicky dash to the chest and open 1. Repeat until 5 chests are opened.

Room #27. Have a Listen Ex

See Room #7 for description. Same trick applies.

Room #28. Count the Apple Ex

See Room #5 for description. The only difference is that the orbs doubled in numbers.

Room #29. Slaughterhouse Ex

See Room #3 for description, only you need to kill more mobs.

Room #30. 100 Second Stand Ex

See Room #9 for description.

Room #31. Mystical Messenger

See Room #15 for description.

Room #32. Very Bored

See Room #11 for description, except the wait is now 5 minutes.

Room #33. Monster Trapper

The challenge is to kill more monsters.

Room #34. Steadfast

See Room #14 for description.

Room #35. Life Diverged, Again

See Room #20 for description.

Room #36. Crazy Chest

Opening the chests are very challenging.

Room #37. Great Luck

Cost 200k to get a die.

Room #38. Dragon Gate Ex

See Room #25 with the exception of mobs (immune to damage) patroling the area.

Room #39. Consequences

Open the number of chests set by the previous player.

Room #40. Sadness or Ecstasy

Cost 100k to get a die. Open 10 chests.

Room #41. Squad of Three.

Need to be in squad of 3…in the same room. Wait for more players to appear or pay 10 dice tickets.

Room #42. Mystical Messenger.

Same as other MM rooms.

Room #43. Take Down the Demon.

Fight the mobs or pay 10 dice tickets

Room #44. Bomber Mania

You have 10 minutes to reach room #50 to diffuse the bomb.

Room #45. Open Sesame…Please?

Kill Fate Spirit to summon npc.

Room #46. Still Not Enough

You need 1 Bully card to get a die.

Room #47. Final Stand

Same as 100 Second Stand or pay 8 do all cards to get a die.

Room #48. Chest of Memories.

Open 15 chests to get a die.

Room #49. Prize Raid.

Kill the mobs and talk to the NPC before the timer runs out.

Room #50. Final room.

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