PWI: Cultivation Quests

Untamed Spiritual Cultivation

Level 9

Reward: 40 exp, 2 reputations

  1. System message appears to initiate the quest
  2. Speak with Miao the Taoist (244 647) in City of Lost to finish the Quest

Spiritual Adept

Reward: 3,000 spirits, maximum Chi is also increased by 99

  1. Speak with Miao the Taoist (244 647)
  2. Speak with Lost City Recluse (216 542) just outside of Broken Bridge Village
  3. Kill 9 Waspy Ursog
  4. Return to Lost City Recluse for the reward.

Spiritual Cultivation Guide

Reward: 50 exp, 4 reputations

  1. Speak with Miao the Taoist (244 647) in the City of the Lost for the reward.

Aware of Principle

Reward: 8000 spirits, 20 reputations, 1 Celestone of Heave, 1 Resurrection Scroll

  1. Speak with Miao the Taoist (244 647)
  2. Capture Celestial Sprites from Feligar Vanguard Note: The 1st Celestial Sprite is a drop item from this mob.
  3. Capture the hidden Celestial Sprites (374 648) Note: The 2nd Celestial Sprite is a plant/flower.
  4. Return to Miao the Taoist for the reward
  5. Speak with The Elder to get the Call of Duty: Xenobeast quest
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