Level 35


  • An asterisk (*) next to the quest title indicates a prerequisite.
  • e = indicates the mob is also part of the Envoy of Justice Quests
  • o = indicates the mob is also part of the One Army Quests
  • w = indicates the mob is also part of the Wanted Quests
  • Type of Celestone given in quest as reward is random (Fragments, Human, Earth, Heaven)

Be a Helpful One

Reward: 10300 exp, 2400 spirits, 4 reputations, 1 Celestone

  1. Speak with Banker Hsin (555 635) South District Archosaur
  2. Collect Orb of Vapor from Argenweaver Mantis located outside of Hidden Orchid
  3. Speak with Guard Ling (322 420) in City of the Plume
  4. Speak with Banker Hsin for the reward.

Seal of Water

  1. Refer to Token of Seven quests.

Tree Flute

Reward: 8600 coins, 14400 exp, 2800 spirits, 1 Celestone, 12 reputations
Item: 2 stars Heavy Leggings or Light Leggings or Magic Ring

  1. Speak with Craftsman Wu Min (521 643)
  2. Collect 5 Elderwood herbs
  3. Collect 10 Flame Orb Powders from Enflamed Reavers
  4. Collect 15 Dual-Bladed Centipex's Antennaes
  5. Speak with Fang the Scholar (581 764)
  6. Speak with Craftsman Wu Min (521 643) West District Archosaur
  7. Speak with Blacksmith Tao Jue (531 658) West District Archosaur
  8. Collect Bloodstained Flute from Ossein Guards located inside and outside of Secret Passage
  9. Speak with Craftsman Wu Min for the reward.
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