PWI: Oracle Quests


Oracle quest is a standalone quest obtained from Oracle book. The Oracle books are random drops from mobs and event rewards such as Supply Stash.

The Oracle

To initiate the Oracle quest, right-click on the Oracle book. Kill the indicated target to claim the reward.


Rewards are based on the volume of Oracle.

Oracle I

Requisite Level: 30
Target: Striped Spider King
Reward: 8,100 coins, 13,000 exp, 3,000 spirits

Oracle II

Requisite Level: 35
Target: Wicked Pirate
Reward: 9,400 coins, 15,000 exp, 3,500 spirits

Oracle III

Requisite Level: 40
Target: Mythical Wolfkin
Reward: 10,000 coins, 18,000 exp, 4,000 spirits

Oracle IV

Requisite Level: 45
Target: Devourer of the Sky
Reward: 12,000 coins, 20,000 exp, 4,500 spirits

Oracle VIII

Requisite Level: 65
Target: Wicked Yayan
Reward: 17,000 coins, 29,000 exp, 6,500 spirits

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